david hurley-elder


Raymond Jew-Elder


God has worked through Raymond Jew as an Elder at Murray Park Church of Christ since 2012. Raymond grew up in Torrance, CA where he was raised without religion. Raymond came to know God through his involvement with a campus ministry at UCSB and after studying the bible with the campus minister, he gave his life to Christ. Raymond and Susan, his wife of 36 years, moved to Salt Lake City for graduate school in 1981. Work kept them in the Salt Lake valley and they established their home in Murray, UT where they still reside. Raymond and Susan have 4 children, and 3 grandchildren. 

Raymond’s involvement with growing churches in Utah began as soon as he arrived. He and Susan were early members of the Southside Church of Christ congregation, a small group of 20-somethings who were trying to grow a church. As God worked in the valley, the congregation’s numbers grew. Raymond and Susan felt God’s calling for them to assist in planting another church from that congregation, and in 2004, Murray Park Church of Christ was established. 

Raymond believes that his role as an Elder of the church is to help “shepherd” the flock; to give spiritual guidance and support, not to act as an executive handing out directives to the church. He believes that women are an important asset to the body of Christ and believes that God places equal value in their abilities to serve in the church. Raymond believes that Jesus led a model life and that the example of love that Jesus gave us is the way we should live our lives. Raymond’s goal as an Elder at Murray Park Church of Christ is to help guide the church’s heart to look more like Jesus every day so that the community we serve can see God’s love in this world.

Stephen Ennis-elder, counselor

Stephen Ennis joined David Hurley and Raymond Jew as an Elder for Murray Park Church of Christ in 2016. He was selected to help shepherd the congregation on its mission to continue the ministry of Jesus. An ever-faithful servant of God, Stephen has spent over 47 years preaching and counseling at various congregations throughout the country. God has used Stephen in Springville, CA, Lapeer, MI, and now in Murray, UT.  In addition to shepherding, Stephen currently serves Murray Park Church of Christ as a Minister of Counseling and donates his time and sessions to provide complimentary counseling services to the broader Salt Lake City community. Stephen and Joy, his wife of 29 years, have lived in the Salt Lake valley since 2010 and have been with Murray Park Church of Christ since their arrival.

Jerri hurley-children's education coordinator