At Murray Park Church of Christ we are always looking for opportunities to serve our community. We have established several ministries in areas that we are able to serve effectively. Join us in our efforts to show God to others through service, or let us help you with a need.

food pantry


We've been a partner agency with the Utah Food Bank since 2013. We work with them each week to distribute food to food-insecure families in our community. Church members and community volunteers work together to make this ministry happen.

Pantry Hours:
Thursday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Our pantry serves about 5,000 people each month including many from the immigrant, refugee, and homeless populations.

Volunteer at the Pantry

Counseling services

At Murray Park Church of Christ we offer free counseling services. Those in need of these services are able to meet with Stephen Ennis. Stephen holds a master's degree in counseling and has over 52 years of counseling experience. 

Counseling is available for the following needs:

Anger Management
Sex & Intimacy
Kids & Teens

To set up a counseling appointment, please contact Stephen directly at either:
(801) 360-8681 - Cell  or
(801) 904-2040 - Home

the murray parkcast

Our podcast, The Murray Parkcast, is our newest ministry. Hosted by Jacob Norwood, the podcast features a recording of each week's sermon. The sermon is posted to the podcast at the beginning of the week. Jacob then hosts a discussion with whoever delivered the sermon and dives deeper into the topics that were covered. That discussion is posted to the podcast mid-week. Occasionally, guest speakers are invited on to the podcast to discuss their take on "What it looks like to be a Christian (fill in the blank)". 

Listen to the podcast right here:


This ministry connects community members who are learning to speak English with native English speakers. Volunteers help students practice things such as greetings and partings, numbers and alphabet, common objects, and asking and answering simple questions. Jean Cloe, who holds a master's in linguistics, teaches this class out of her home on Mondays and Thursdays from 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm.

Join the Class or Volunteer With Us

Volunteers of America

Since 2005 our church family has worked with the VOA shelter in Murray. Our Murray Monarchs group puts together monthly care bags for the women at the shelter and a group of volunteers conducts a Bible study at the shelter regularly.

Volunteer With Us

bible study

Our Elders are available for one-on-one Bible studies and spiritual counseling. Bible studies are great for those who are learning about Christianity for the first time, those who are coming back to their faith, those who are curious about what Jesus is all about, and those who want to grow their relationship with God. 

Have a Bible Study